Holiday Detection or a Continuity Test is one of the Non-Destructive Test methods applied on protective coatings to determine any imperfections and breaks in continuity.

The test is performed by using a low voltage to check if current flows in a complete electrical circuit. When a pinhole or void is detected in the coating the circuit is completed and a signal given out.

Holiday Detection is commonly used in the oil and gas industries where piping and structures are coated with non-conductor coatings. However, it has since been adapted for testing waterproofing membranes on roofing systems, bridge decks and even car park surfaces.

Holiday Detection can only be performed in dry conditions, however, it is quick, low cost and can be conducted by a single person.

IACS NDT use CSWIP qualified personnel to perform any inspections with Holiday Detection. All inspections are only carried out with approved procedures which follow the most recent international British Standards and/or any client specifications. All procedures are submitted to the client before work commences.

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