Manual Phased Array (MPA) systems have become widely used for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) throughout the energy industries. MPA allows a qualitative inspection of new construction and in-service components.

As Phased Array (PA) testing methods are completely safe and efficient, your projects do not lose time clearing work areas of personnel or awaiting radiographic test results.

PA Systems are advanced methods of using ultrasound to volumetrically test materials for defects and/or discontinuities i.e. cracks or other flaws and thereby determine component quality.

PA Systems have the ability to control numerous elements on an array to send pulses at delayed intervals. These time intervals are called focal laws. The focal laws can be set to allow the system to transmit a steered or focused beam. Due to the method of testing, it is very efficient at detecting discontinuities in a timely manner. This also means a complete scan of a test piece area can be conducted without moving the probe.

Due to the digital nature of Phased Array Systems, all scans and calibrations are recorded as permanent records giving complete traceability to every inspection.

IACS NDT Phased Array Inspections are stored online in an encrypted database to allow clients easy remote auditing.

Apart from detecting flaws in components, Phased Array can also be used for wall thickness measurements in conjunction with corrosion testing.

PA Systems are used for various industrial purposes including inspection of welds, wall thickness measurements, corrosion inspection, flaw detection and rolling stock inspection (wheels and axles).

As manual ultrasonic Phased Array Systems are portable they can be used in almost all environments.

Advantages of Phased Array Inspections:

  • MPA and AUT systems give real time display, data analysis and results.
  • High levels of production may be achieved.
  • Permanent records are produced, which are auditable.
  • Safety (there is no danger to co-workers).
  • Environmentally friendly (the production and disposal of chemicals is eliminated).
  • Very accurate defect sizing achieved.

IACS NDT use PCN Level 2 qualified personnel to perform inspections with MPA. All inspections are only carried out with client-approved procedures which follow the most recent international British standards and/or client specifications. Procedures and risk assessments are submitted for client approval before commencement of the project.

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