Manual Ultrasonic Testing (MUT) is often used on steel and other metals and alloys in many industries which include but are not limited to the steel fabrication, renewable energy, aerospace, power generation, oil and gas industries and transport sectors.

Manual Ultrasonic Testing (MUT) or Ultrasonic Inspection (UI) is a Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) method used most commonly for these purposes:

  • To determine the thickness of material.
  • To inspect a test component for laminations in material.
  • To detect discontinuities in a component.

MUT can be completed by a single person and is conducted by using a handheld probe and lightweight system to pass ultrasonic beams of a short-wavelength through the material. The waves are then measured and interpreted to characterise discontinuities. They are then assessed to any requested standard.

Because MUT measures and displays the time of travel of the pulse to a reflector, it is a very accurate way of testing the thickness of a material. This is incredibly useful for the inspection of corrosion or damage to components.

Manual Ultrasonic Testing can also be used to test welding and is especially good at locating planar defects.

IACS NDT use PCN level 2 qualified personnel to perform inspections with MUT. All inspections are only carried out with client-approved procedures which follow the most recent international British Standards and/or client specifications. Procedures and risk assessments are submitted for client approval before commencement of the project.

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